What are the 12 most successful products out of Shark Tank?

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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy was introduced by Lori Greiner in the fourth season and became the biggest success of the show. Sales of innovative sponges have reached more than $ 50 million within three years of appearing on the show. USD.

Tipsy Elves

Tipy Elves spokesman Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton brought the party to the fifth season of Shark Tank. Business partners signed an acquisition of the holiday apparel range with Robert Hergavik, who in 2014 Business Insider told Business Insider: “When they were on the show, they made about $ 600,000 a year, two seasons ago, and we’re going to pay $ 12 million this year. USD. Just one of those stories. “


The Breathalyzer appeared in the fifth season of the show, which sold a way for consumers to check their blood alcohol level with smartphones. Co-founder Charles Jim signed with Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and Laurie Greiner, and has since expanded his business to introduce Mint, a product focused on oral health.

Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs

The fifth season of Shark Tank was the best with Bubba-Q boneless ribs. Bubba founder Baker showcased his work at the show and signed a deal with Daymond John, where he expanded to more than 150 retail stores, including Costco and Sears.

Ten Thirty One Productions

Marc Coupé has invested heavily in Season 5 of Shark Tank, signing a $ 2 million deal with Ten Thirty One Productions. The entertainment company behind the haunted house grew nervous just after the show and sold millions.

Wicked good cakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes is the perfect solution for the fourth season of the Shark Tank. The bakery company signed a contract with Kevin O’Leary to continue publishing his book and expanding his business.


The sixth season of the Shark Tank began with the Pompas deal. Socks are associated with Diamond John and soon became one of his most successful investments.

Simple sugars

Young entrepreneur Lani Lazzari has signed a deal with his company Simple Sugars for the sixth season of Shark Tank. Lazzari started its business with Mark Cuban, expanded its range of natural skin care products and impressed its investor with the success of the business after the show.

Cousins Maine Lobster

After the show’s sixth season, Shine Tank cousins ​​Maine Lobster soon became one of the show’s most successful alumni. The food truck signed a contract with Barbara Corcoran and has since become more successful


Lumio delights in the sixth season of Shark Tank with beautiful accordion lamps that open like a book. Co-founder Max Gunawan signed an agreement with Robert Herjavec and went on to search for products in museums and retailers around the world.


Founder Rick Huber solved a classic problem when his producer ReadeRest introduced the third season to the Sharks. This magnetic section, which allows users to track their reading glasses, impressed Laurie Greener, who signed a product deal. In the two years since its appearance on the show, Redist has posted about $ 1.5 million.

Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy took part in Shark Tank’s third show season and introduced a new way to learn the guitar. Robert Herjevicius signed a product that brings technology to the classical instrument and succeeded the following year.

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